Frequently Asked Questions

We get a lot of emails with questions about our Knitwear Re-Dress & Repair Service.

Below is a list of some frequently asked questions, and our answers, so that it makes it easier for you to find out as much as possible about our service, without waiting for us to get back to you via email!

Please have a look below and you may be able to find the answer to your question.

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Q: Where do I send my garments once I have paid for the Knitwear Re-Dress & Repair Service?

A: You can find our address at the very bottom of any page on our website, or on our Contact Us page.


Q: How long does your Knitwear Re-Dress & Repair Service take?

A: We aim to return your garment to you within 2 weeks of receiving it.


Q: Do you repair moth holes?

A: Yes we do. However, we will have to inspect your garment upon receiving it in order to evaluate the severity of the moth holes, as severe moth holes may not be repairable. For garments riddled with moth holes the chances are it is beyond repair!


Q: Will the repairs be invisible?

A: In most cases, no. Whether it be moth holes, rips or tears, we can only do our best to repair as invisibly as possible. We never guarantee a 100% invisible repair - most repairs will be visible to some extent.

Sometimes we are able to repair invisibly, but this is quite a rare occurence - as we also have to exactly match the colour of your garment!

Our repairs will enable you to keep wearing your favourite garments, otherwise destined for the bin. Most 'visible' repairs are only visible if you know where to look...

Be rest assured, our menders have collective experience of over 100 years and they are the best in the business. If they can't repair it invisibly then no-one can!


Q: There are holes at the elbows of my garment - can you repair these?

A: Unfortunately, these holes can't be repaired. They are caused from leaning on your elbows and, over time, the yarn at the elbow has worn thin and eventually disintegrated. We can add Alcantara leather elbow patches to your garment (both elbows) - these will stop the holes from becoming worse and are cosmetically very appealing.

Colour choice;

  • Black
  • Navy
  • Dark Grey
  • Light Grey
  • Camel

This incurs an extra charge - but this will be notified to you for approval and payment before we carry out any work on the garment.

Please Contact Us for further details.

Cashmere Knitwear Re-Dress & Repair Service, Elbow Patches

Elbow patch colour choice


Q: The collar on my garment is starting to come off - can you fix this?

A: Yes we can. In order to repair this we must first take the collar off completely before putting it back on again. In most cases, the outcome is very successful.

This may incur an extra charge - but this will be notified to you for approval and payment before we carry out any work on the garment.

Please Contact Us for further details.


Q: What do you class as a major repair / fault?

A: Major faults can include;

  • Lots of moth holes, or regular holes (repairs possible in most cases)
  • Hems that are torn and ragged
  • Large holes (visible repairs possible in some cases)
  • Extensive thin areas
  • Felted or matted garments (this isn't reversible)

This list is not exhaustive - however if you think your garment looks pretty bad, please Contact Us for our opinion!

We are unable to accept some garments requiring major repairs as the outcome is never perfect - despite a huge amount of time and effort being spent on the sweater. We determine this as "beyond economical repair".

Please see photos below as an example of what we classify as a Minor (repairable) & Major (visible repair possible) fault.

(click to enlarge)

Cashmere Knitwear Re-Dress & Repair Service, Minor Repair

Example - Minor fault (repairable)


Cashmere Knitwear Re-Dress & Repair Service, Major Repair

Example - Major fault (visible repair possible)


Q: What if my garment is determined as unrepairable after I have sent it?

A: If we notify you that your garment isn't repairable, there are two options you can choose from as to what happens to the garment;

  • Send the garment back to you, and refund the cost of the service. Please note - postage is non-refundable with this option!
  • We can recycle the garment in an environmentally safe manner. You will be refunded the full cost of the service plus associated return postage costs.

Please Contact Us for further details.

Cashmere Knitwear Re-Dress & Repair Service, Unrepairable

Example - Unrepairable fault



Customer Testimonials

“ Just got my 3 sweaters back and absolutely delighted with the result. Thank you! ”

N. Hay

" I had been on the verge of throwing out a favourite cashmere sweater with many memories attached so was very pleased and impressed that this jumper has just arrived back looking like new and with no sign of the damage caused by moths due to my neglect.

A superb service at a very reasonable price.

My sincere thanks to you all. "

A. King

" Just to say a huge thank you, I am totally delighted with the wonderful job you have done on my blue rollneck jumper.

 It looks good as new, even though it must be over 10 years old - opening your box was like unwrapping a brand new jumper. 

You provide a brilliant service and I will recommend you to all my friends. Thank you so much! "

A. Wight

" I have just received my rejuvenated pullover and I wanted to say how thrilled I am.

It looks new. One can barely see the repairs. Thank you very much.

Please pass on my compliments and thanks to the team involved in its restoration. "

R. King

" I received my Ralph Laren cardigan today and am delighted with it.

Just like new.....thank you so much! "

J. Harper

" It was at home when I got there after work looking perfect, thanks! I’m so pleased. "

G. Salaman

" I have just received my cardigan back, and just wanted to let you know I am very pleased with the results.

You have done an amazing job, I know you said it was going to be difficult as it was a fine cashmere, but I am very happy with it. I can still wear it, you would not know it had been repaired unless you were looking for it.

Thank you so much! "

A. Sheed

" Just to say how pleased I am with the repair that you did! Many thanks. "

A. Marshall

" I just had to write and thank you for the wonderful work you have carried out on my cashmere throws. They have come back to me like new! I will be proud to once again display them on my white leather sofas.

You provide such an amazing service from start to finish. "

C. Tilli

" Thank you so much for the repairs to my knitwear. You've done a great job and I'm delighted! "

S. Benzie

" THANK YOU SO MUCH FOR THE FANTASTIC job you did on my two cashmere sweaters - (you managed to salvage the holes in the underarms by stitching 2 pairs of elbow patches !!) 

I was simply thrilled to unpack the box and not only were they beautifully returned and presented - they look good as new.  THANK YOU SO MUCH.

I will definitely recommend you and will, I am sure, be using your services in the future, for other cashmere sweaters. "

P. Baker

" Love Cashmere did a fantastic job.  They repaired holes in one cashmere piece and one merino, both were done to such a high standard I can hardly even remember where the moth damage was. 

Plus, the whole experience was super easy and they were so helpful.

Very highly recommended. "

A. Ridley

" I just received my pale grey cashmere sweater back yesterday, complete with new elbow patches in pale grey suede.

I can't believe how beautiful it looks. I feared the patches would be bulky and heavy but they are so light and soft, great quality.

I am so very pleased, this is the second time I have used Love Cashmere and both times you have worked miracles!  Thank you to all who helped! "

V. Noyes-Thomas

" Just a note to thank you for repairing my pink cashmere sweater. I can hardly
see where it was repaired, your repair is amazing and I am more than delighted. I will
recommend your service to anyone that I can. "

S. Brandt

" I love my jumper - thank you so much.  

It’s like new!!! "

D. Moran


G. Ayles

" I’ve just opened my returned package and am thrilled to find 2 garments that are wearable again! "

S. Brand

" Thank you for the excellent refurbishment of 3 gentlemen sweaters.  A really good service on your part and I had meant to write before now. "

L. Kenny

" I just wanted to say a huge thank you for my jumper, it is as good as new! So impressed with the service. "

A. Carter

" Thanks for the great job you did on my poncho. What a talent!

I will try and keep it away from those pesky moths. "

S. Grant

" I have received my cardigan and I'm so delighted. It's like having a new one.

Thank you very much! "

M. Baker

" Thank you so much for the most amazing job you have done on my moth ridden cashmere. The holes are mostly invisible and returned in pristine packaging, as new. I couldn't be more pleased. "

N. Cobham

" I have just received my 6 jumpers back, woh! What a fabulous service, thank you so much! "

A. Mitchell

" Many thanks for repairing my cashmere sweater.

I am delighted with it - I think the dark blue elbow patches were a superb choice (on your part).

I appreciated the helpful telephone call.

Again, many thanks! "

L. Williams

" Thank you so much for doing the most amazing job on my husband's sweater! You are truly amazing people and we are so grateful. I sent it off with two massive moth holes in it. My husband loves that jumper, so you have made him extremely happy, as we thought it would have to be dumped.

I shall happily recommend you to anyone who needs the same service, and thank you for your very prompt and wonderful service. "

J. Lerner

" I have just received back my sweater which had a big snag in it. I was really impressed by the brilliant job done by the team.

Absolutely impeccable.

Many thanks "

R. Day

" My cashmere sweater has just been returned to me and I want to say how delighted I am with the work you have done. It is brilliant.

You have transformed a tired and rather scruffy sweater into a smart garment. It is a much-loved sweater that my wife bought for me many years ago. 

Now I can continue to wear it for many years to come. Thank you! "

M. Hobrough

" We're thrilled with our two sweaters and are recommending you to our friends and relations. Also, we'll be sending more sweaters in due course. Thanks so much. "

J. Quinn

J. Ridley

" Thank you for returning my jumper which has arrived safely and for making such an excellent job of the repair.

I shall certainly be in touch again if pesky moths return to nibble my cashmere. "

N. Curry

" Thank you so much. I’m thrilled with my cardigan repair, it is invisible and has enabled me to wear my favourite cardigan in the future. "

A. Cresswell

" I’ve just received my jumpers back and they look amazing!! As good as new!

I’ll be sending you one further jumper shortly.

Thank you so much. "

C. Ellison

" I just wished to let you know that I received my green cashmere jumper today, beautifully wrapped, repaired and rejuvenated!

Thank you so much for your excellent service - it really has breathed new life into a well-worn favourite. "

M. Knight

" I have just received my two garments back and I am absolutely delighted with the ‘unbelievable’ repairs to both garments.

Both sweaters are back to looking like new - I do not know how it was possible!

Please convey my congratulations to your wonderful staff for a job well done! "

M. Wiseman

" Just a quick message to say how pleased I am with the restored jumpers, I can't believe how new they look and I wouldn't know where the small holes had been, unbelievable.

The people doing this work are truly astonishing, what wonderful skills!

The presentation on return is lovely, and I am storing them away now until autumn in the packaging you provided. "

M. Laybourn

" I just had to email your company. I received my 3 cashmere items back today and it was just like opening a package with 3 brand new items of clothing in it!! I am so thrilled to be able to wear my much loved striped sweater again. 

I can’t believe that the darns are so ‘invisible’. Likewise the mending under the arms of my navy cardigan. And the stain from my pink jumper has gone completely and it looks as good as new.

Your service has really exceeded all expectations!  Never will I wash my own cashmere again. "

J. Foster

" So impressed with your service and the great job you and your team have done on my jumper! "


D. Reffell

" Thank you for my cashmere repair - the garment will see me through another few years now!

Very impressive. "

J. Smith

" Just a quick email to say how thrilled I am with the 3 cashmere tops you repaired for me. Especially the White Company hooded jumper which had a big hole on the elbow. The patches are a perfect colour match and although you didn't think you had been successful in removing the stain on the cuff I cannot see any trace of it. 

You returned the tops to me so quickly, I was delighted.

I will be recommending you and using you again. "

D. Stone

" I’ve received it back this morning. I’d certainly use you again. Thanks very much. "

J. Lindsay

" Thank you so much for the brilliant repairs you have done on 2 of my favourite & much-loved cashmere sweaters - they are like new.

I will certainly recommend your service to my friends! "

N. Baugh

" My scarf arrived yesterday and I am very happy with the job you've done on it. The whole thing is now "hole free" and it's fantastic you managed to come up with a solution for my precious gift.

I'm delighted, and you were so kind all the way through! "

V. Mallin

" I just wanted to drop you a note to say thank you so much for such excellent service.

You have mended the moth hole in my jumper so expertly that I cannot see where the hole was! The turnaround on the garment’s repair was amazing and thank you too for the piece of cedar wood to help me keep the moths away in the future.

Thank you very much again. "

H. Wilkes

" A HUGE thank you. The jumper has been rescued. Don’t know how you did it, but someone has worked a minor miracle. "

S. Rasmussen

" Very happy with my jumper thank you. "

V. Watson

" Thank you for the fantastic job you have done on the cardigan I sent for repair. I'm especially pleased with the reinforcement of the cuffs and armholes.

This is the second time I’ve used Love Cashmere, but I’m sure not the last.

Thank you so much for phoning to discuss the job and for such an excellent service. "

D. Adam

" Just to let you know that my cardigan arrived back safely today. 

The repair is perfect. I’m really pleased that you were able to sort this out for me so quickly and I shall certainly be a returning customer. "

D. Lowther-Pope

" Just want to say what a wonderful service you provide.  You are lovely to deal with and the end result is superb. "

K. Fforde

" It's nice to receive compliments where due isn't it?

So, thank you to all concerned for doing such a great job of repairing my two sweaters. They look as new. Boxed and packaged beautifully. I love them again...

My faith has been restored both in a repair service and buying more expensive but gorgeous garments.

A massive thanks to you all in Hawick! "

S. Barlow

" Thank you so much for returning my favourite Banjo & Matilda cashmere sweater, which looks like new.

I paid extra to have the dreadful repairs to the 2 moth holes unpicked, and properly repaired and they are now unnoticeable, so it was completely worth it. 

But the extraordinary thing is the feel and texture have been restored to newness! "

M. Higgins

" Thank you for repairing my daughters cashmere tops. They came back like new and she will get another years wear out of them. "

G. Scott

" I have received my sweater back and I am absolutely delighted with the results. I honestly could not tell you where the holes were. The sweater looks brand new!

Thank you so much, I can’t recommend your service more highly. "

L. Lockert

" I’ve received my parcel of 3 repaired jumpers and I’m absolutely thrilled… True to your name, you’ve made me “love cashmere” again!

It’s so wonderful knowing that an investment piece like a classic jumper need not go to waste just because of a tiny hole or two.

Thank you! "

B. Chiang

" I received the items today (better than new) and I am more than happy with your service. Thanks a lot! "

O. Zimmer

" I just wanted to drop you a line to thank you for doing an amazing job of bringing my mustard sweatshirt back to life.

I have it on now and have already been complimented on it by a stranger on the train!

I won't hesitate to use your services again and recommend you to my friends and family. "

E. Mathews

" With thanks for your help and excellent work! "

S. Rankin